The largest project on consolidation of actual wholesale shipments for all structural units of the “Minsk Crystal Group” holding is completed. 

A2 Consulting team is proud to announce that one of the implementation stages of the QlikView analytical system - “Analysis of Actual Shipments”- in all structural units of the “Minsk Crystal Group” holding came to the end.

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The implementation of the project began with an audit of the available data at the enterprise. Our further step implied the development of strategy on the analytical system implementation at the factories of the branches included in the holding, as well as at the Trading Company: new reporting formats, new planning concepts. The next step was the development of “Analysis of Actual Shipments” application with the data consolidation on all factories, all databases, all sources into a single analytical dataset, then subsequent data mapping with the built links and the exclusion of duplicate positions and fields. As part of the project, we developed another analytical application “Data Control” that allows to determine the launch of a new product and helps to identify the missing characteristics of the produced and shipped goods. At present, the entire holding company, all factories and their branches have access to a single point of truth regarding indicators of wholesales and shipments by each structural unit and by any dimension.

At the stage of preparation for integration, the main efforts were focused on bringing the entire master data and all SKUs of heterogenous data sources and accounting systems to a single standard. For the project on automating “Analysis of Actual Shipments” solution we got the access to the entire data of all the participants (“Minsk Crystal” management company, the Trading Company, Brestsky likero-vodochny zavod “Belalko“ JSC, “Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory “Pridvin’e” JSC, "Gomel Distillery "Radamir" JSC, "Grodno likero-vodochny zavod" JSC, "Klimovichy likero-vodochny zavod" JSC, "Mozyr Distillery" JSC, "Veselovo Factory" JSC , as well as all their branches and production centers) and carried out a total data reconciliation. We verified all characteristics of the shipping channels for each master data, besides, we accomplished the distribution of the entire master data in accordance with ownership to trademarks, as well as brought external shipments to a single standard of shipping countries and internal shipments to the standards of districts and regions of the Republic of Belarus.

To consolidate the data, we applied a direct connection to the databases of the «Minsk Crystal" management company and the Trading Company. A2 Consulting team developed and approved a unified rule for data provision in xml format (procedure, data set, data provision time and subsequent adjustment uploads considering the end of the month) for all other structural units. Having scrutinized and verified all data arrays and brought them to a single standard, we launched the application into production environment.

As a result of the project completion, our Client acquired an analytical system that combined all the data on actual shipments of the Holding. The implemented platform provides the analysis of data on to which counterparty, when, to which country, in what volume and at what price the Holding effects shipments. Data access rights and monitoring and analysis capabilities are individually configured at the request of the Holding’s top management.

Since there are a huge number of users, and many of them are located in other cities, the A2 Consulting team has developed the training program and video lessons to provide high-quality preparation of end-users for the application utilization.

The final training lesson on the utilization of the analytical application “Analysis of Actual Shipments” was held at A2 Consulting Training Center. This lesson implied a graduation test. The test results proved that the employees of all the factories of the group of companies that took part in the training successfully passed it and are ready for daily work with Qlik platform.

The analysis of wholesale shipments reflects the truthful overview of sales: sales indicators are divided into 2 groups: direct sales - chains, company stores, duty-free, individual entrepreneurs, and sales through the Trading Company. To date, only a part of the planned applications has been implemented. Our next step is the implementation of "Analysis of production" application in the "Minsk Crystal Group" holding. Currently the application is undergoing a testing phase and deviations and errors identification.

A2 Consulting team expresses gratitude to all Minsk Crystal Group employees who took an active part in the project, organized processes on their side, helped in reconciling data, took part in drafting the Terms of reference and shared information about their internal business processes.

About the company:

JSC “Minsk Crystal Group” is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus. Company has more than 700 awards at different international and national exhibitions and contests, among which: 30 Grand prix, 17 Platinum Quality symbols, 227 gold awards, 128 silver, 52 bronze and 150 diplomas. The enterprise is the winner of the Belarusian Government Reward in the field of quality. Moreover, JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” holding management company is awarded by Grand Prix the “BRAND # 1” in the Republic of Belarus.