A2 Consulting team has developed a new solution in the field of data analysis in Qlik Sense, applying a new integration of platform with the JIRA system. JIRA is an error tracking system. And it is designed to organize interaction with users. JIRA is one of the best programs for tracking your project results, through which the software development team can plan and timely release high-quality software. At present, most IT companies successfully use JIRA to manage the software development process in Belarus.

jiraJIRA data not only helps to track problems or errors for effective project management, but also helps you understand your client's requirements, the quality of the services provided, the quality of your results, critical errors, and so on.

The "A2 Consulting" team connected via a connector to the JIRA system and "pulled out" all the necessary data to analyze the effectiveness of your software production process.

By connecting your organization to Qlik Sense® or QlikView®, we allow your data from JIRA to analyze and manage the effectiveness of your overall software release process, which leads to greater customer satisfaction with your work.

Advantages of integration of platform Qlik Sense with the JIRA system

Thanks to the application, managers of the company get access to all key project indicators and tasks of employees without the need to enter the JIRA portal. The Heads of departments see the data change directly in Qlik and can track where the project has problems with resource allocation, employee workload, and time costs.

In the application, you will find information on each specific division of the company, the group to which the employee belongs, the data for each employee and project, up to specific user tasks.

The application allows you to trace the utilization of working time, i.e. determine the ratio of useful and available time of the employee. Analysis of the utilization of working time is a necessary part of the management of personnel policy and economics; helps to determine the cost of the hour and the cost of services. The developed solution allows you to see in which departments employees are involved most of their working time, the allocation of labor costs by months. In addition to general utilization of working time, it is possible to analyze commercial utilization, i.e. to track the project's paid time by the customer.

It may be necessary to verify the implementation of the work plan, which is also easy to implement with the Qlik application - the relationship between planned and actual indicators is clearly represented in the visualization.

Analysis of the workload of employees and their distribution on projects can affect the motivation of staff, allowing them to concentrate on a particular project or task.

After analyzing the utilization of working time, managers can draw a conclusion on which project it is necessary to transfer additional resources, whether it is worthwhile hiring new employees, since the workload is too high, or vice versa, you should increase the workload.

By connecting JIRA to Qlik you get an intuitive tool that will be useful for the project manager, team leader in order to better understand their project activities and analyze the effectiveness that the standard JIRA panel can’t provide.

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