A2 Consulting is a major partner of Belarusian High-Tech Park

lyxu7jk4eqmThe High-Tech Park (HTP) is the only organization in Belarus that unites all of the most innovative IT companies in the country, providing development and growth conditions under its patronage. Membership in the HTP gives access to innovative technologies and highly qualified personnel.A2 Consulting has been developing BI solutions in Belarus for more than 10 years and delivers products with a recognizable name in the market. We deliver expertise in the business analysis industry and provide efficiency through advanced technology.A2 Consulting demonstrates consistent growth and our latest addition is in-house training and technical support centers.

Since the company joined the HTP we were able to enhance our BI expertise and expand into new markets.As a member of the HTP, our main goal is to implement international standards for software integration and become a №1 business intelligence IT company in Belarus.As a member of the HTP we are proud to share that: 

∙ More than 1 billion people in 193 countries of the world are using mobile applications developed by the HTP.
∙ Five out of ten largest global corporations (according to Forbes rating) are customers of the High-Tech Park.
∙ The HTP is the largest provider of services in the field of software development in Central and Eastern Europe.
∙ Six HTP members are included in the rating of the top 100 best outsourcing companies in the world - The Global Outsourcing 100® - according to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.
∙ Every year the High-Tech Park develops new successful projects: World of Tanks, Aimatter, Viber, Juno, MSQRD, and others.
∙ More than 91% of software developed in the HTP goes for export. 43.2% - US market, 49.1% - Western Europe, 5.3% - Russia.

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Our specialists participate in IT projects of any complexity, ranging from system analysis and consulting to the design and development of complex systems. The fundamental mission of the HTP is to raise the profile of Belarusian developers and to deliver the best possible results around the world. A2 Consulting shares the same values and mission!